5512 MABLE AVE, ST LOUIS, MO 63140

Leasing Criteria

Suburban Heights Apartments Residential Selection Criteria

A complete application, credit and background check with a third party agency will be completed on all household occupants age 19 and over and fees charged accordingly for each.


A favorable credit report must be obtained on all parties age 18 and over. No bankruptcy or foreclosures in progress, no outstanding balances to any mortgage company, landlord or utility company. Other considerations will be deemed at management’s discretion.


Gross income must be equal to 3 times the monthly market rent. Applicant must provide the most current thirty (30) days of paycheck stubs.

Employment Verification

All applicants must be employed a minimum of six (6) consecutive months at current employer. If less than six (6) months with current employer, must have a minimum of twelve (12) months at previous employer. 

Employment verification will be completed in writing by a third party, two (2) recent check stubs must be turned in with rental application.

Housing / Rental History

A minimum of twelve (12) current and consecutive months satisfactory rental history or proof of home ownership is required. If less than twelve (12) months at current address, must have a minimum of twelve (12) months at previous address.

Satisfactory history is defined as good payment history, no more than one (1) returned check within a six (6) month period. The resident must have given adequate notice to vacate. There must be no outstanding financial obligation to the current or any previous landlord. 

If no rental history is present, applicant may be approved with a higher deposit equal to one month’s rent as long as all other criteria (credit, income, employment, and background) are met and/or co-signer at management’s discretion and approval.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check will be completed on all household members age 17 and over. The history must reflect no felony convictions, deferred, or withhold adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor for a crime against a person, any type of sex crime or a crime considered a threat to real or personal property to adversely affect the health and safety of other person or to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other persons.


A co-signer can be used in the absence of adequate income, length of employment, rental history, or lack of credit. A co-signer must meet all the above criteria, plus have an income equal to five (5) times the monthly rent.


Qualified students are considered with the following guidelines in order to qualify for student pricing:

  • Must be enrolled full-time (a minimum of 12 credit hours)
  • Must provide proper documentation including but not limited to school schedule or other proof of enrollment
  • Must have adequate and verifiable proof of income. If paying via financial aid, additional proof of statement is necessary.
  • Co-signers for students may be required.



Occupancy is limited to two (2) persons per bedroom.